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RFID Smart Folder- File Tracking Software to Track Assets & Find Lost Files Immediately with ouR Find A File Software Systems

Law Firm Case Study:  Need to find lost files quickly
  • THE PROBLEM: Attorneys and staff were frequently unable to find lost files. Only later to find them in their office or briefcase under other files that were overlooked in the dash to get to court. Cases were reset and business disrupted. When courts, clients or fellow constituents are left hanging because of lost files tempers flair. Everyone blames the file clerk!
  • THE OBJECTIVE: Law Firm needs the ability to respond immediately or quickly is critical, and is often required in real-time i.e. find lost files fast!
  • OUR SOLUTION: Implemented Smart Folder Find a File solution with reusable RFID labels. Now staff can quickly find missing files, and get them to the staff that needs them for real-time work processing.
  • Benefits of Find a File System
    •  label printing software customized for your existing or preferred filing system / file indexing
    • labels with radio wave transmitter that print on standard ink jet printers
    • portable radio wave scanner with fast, easy-to-use software to find missing files
    • system can be expanded to inventory files-in-circulation for proactive file location tracking
    • Inexpensive and fully functional FIND ANY LOST FILE QUICKLY NOW!

RFID EXPERTS offers the industry's most innovative and inexpensive implementation of RFID file tracking software technology, enabling missing files to be quickly located using a portable scanner.  All that is required is label printing software and a portable RFID scanner.  New file tracking software for folders are originated and labeled with RFID SmartFolder Labels that include an antenna and computer chip.  The radio waves produced by the portable scanner are absorbed by the label's antenna, which powers the RFID computer chip, which then sends the file folders file tracking software identification number back through the same radio waves, and the scanner beeps faster or slower depending on proximity to the folder that is being searched-for.


File tracking software and FILE LABELS software enables file folder labels to be printed with text fields, bar code and color-coding, using standard office ink jet printers.  The underside of the label includes a RFID antenna and computer chip, meaning each new folder being originated only requires a single label.  RFID EXPERTS also provides printing, application and conversion services to make-ready existing folders.

rfid reader with folders

RFID SmartFolder Labels include a bar code that matches the file number in a host database.  The scanner supports bar code and RFID.  Scan the bar code on the folder, and then pull the RFID trigger on the scanner.  The file number  represented by the bar code is then encoded into the computer chip on the label, so that the RFID number  equals the host database file number.  This allows RFID file tracking software implementation without installation of a RFID database management system.


The SmartFolder RFID file tracking software scanner enables file searches by file name, description or number, to choose files that need to be FOUND, or, file number's can be entered by virtual keyboard.  The SmartDetector can be pointed in offices, file rooms or wherever files are located, and the scanner will be when a file on the list is found, will highlight the folder found (on the screen) and then will beep faster when getting closer to the file, or slower when moving away from the file, to guide the User right to the file!


RFID has an immediate return-on-investment, by saving more staff time than the investment in the RFID File Tracking Software Find-a-File system.  The system can be easily expanded to push location data to a host database, by using the scanner for file inventories, and/or can be expanded for robust iterations of RFID file tracking, accountability and chain-of-custody.

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Are you constantly looking for lost files. Need a way to find lost files in minutes?

RFID has an immediate returon on investent, by saving more staff time than the investment in the RFID Find A File Software system.


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